Poll: What is the Best Way to Support IP Operations?

Corporate IP departments have commonly had a mix of internal IP staff and external legal services. The relative proportion a department adopts can be driven by a number of factors. But for many it is simply a matter of philosophy. Some believe having internal capabilties are critical; while others feel that certain legal and administrative work is more effectively outsourced

We polled our IP professional benchmarking group about their viewpoints on the best way to support IP operations. A majority, 57%, see a balanced approach that uses both internal and external services as best–while less than a third feel the optimal appraoch is with internal capabilties only. What is telling in these results, is that together with those who view external services as best (12%), there is a strong trend towards the use of external services.

This is borne out by what we see in the evolving market for speciality IP services. There has been strong growth in the services market, as alternatives to typcial approaches for IP support work have become more acceptable. We see the vote for a balanced approach–with a bias towards outsourcing–as continuing to strengthen.