Our Approach

We’re Taking an Innovative Approach to IP Operations

Today’s IP practices — whether Corporations or Law Firms — are looking to improve how they manage their day-to-day admin and support activities. ¬†Our managed services approach maximizes your operational efficiency by providing expert staff, rigorous processes, and leading-edge technology.




Our OneSource™ Model

Our clients gain significant benefits in the quality and cost-effectiveness of their operations. Whether in an on-going retained relationship or a one-time special project, you gain a trusted partner in achieving success.

We have developed a structured process for collecting all prosecution related information. This includes all PTOs, Outside Counsel and Foreign Associates. We receive 100% of the information electronically through direct data integration, file transfer or email.
Using advanced data management tools and experienced IP professionals, all data is thoroughly reviewed and processed to ensure accuracy and compliance with our systems. This includes verification against proprietary PTO data sources and primary documentation.
Whether using the Helios Complete ™ plaform, or their own internal system, data is uploaded into the client’s IPM system. This includes ensuring full compliance with all access and security controls, and availability for users.
With 100% accurate and reliable information, the full range of IPM activities are supported–from docketing, to reporting to financial management. Our service provides complete support for every aspect of the client’s operations.

Working with Helios

Access Expert Resources

Alleviate Staff Workload

Achieve Cost Savings